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Want to know how to Defeat Your Food Cravings

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Eating without thinking about your body will definitely make you unfit and fat. When it happens you start to compare yourself with others, with full of negative thoughts. And that lead to a less confident YOU! Therefore, you must do your best, to have a beautiful, healthy body and to be a more confident person. 

Here is an article I read on I found this article interesting, so I'm sharing it with you. Hope you'll like it. 

8 Out of the Ordinary Approaches to Defeating Your Food Cravings

Do you feel like you can’t lose weight because you struggle with cravings?

Has a gnawing, insatiable want hijacked your healthy eating plan?

Chocolate, candy, potato chips, pizza, steak, coffee, ice-cream, salt or what have you —most of us battle these cravings.

But we don’t have to.

Are you ready to defeat them? If so let's dive in and reveal what you can do to conquer your dangerous moments without regret.

  • Drink, Drink, Drink
    First off, if you’re dehydrated, you’re likely to feel wiped out. When you’re pooped liked that, chances are you’ll be craving a stimulant in the form of sugar or caffeine - think chocolate or coffee.

    So drink a glass of water — yes, plain water. By the time your body tells you you’re thirsty,
    you’re already dehydrated. And, dehydration occurs as mild hunger. So… glug, glug, glug and make it a habit to drink a glass of water every couple hours.
  • Why You Need to Sleep More
    If you’re majorly stressed, or suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation, you’re probably exhausted much of the time.

    I know about this; believe me! It took seven years and an entire collection of My Little Pony before my daughter slept through the night. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture — don’t underestimate it.

    Adrenal imbalance causes your body to call upon your adrenal glands for more stress hormones to act as a pick-me-up, but over time, your adrenals become less able to respond appropriately. Chances are, you’ll resort to sugar or carbohydrate snacks or coffee during the day and carbohydrates or alcohol at night, all of which exacerbate the problem.

    I seriously recommend finding a way to chill and give your adrenals a break. I’ve found
    meditation and exercise such as yoga to be a blessing. A hectic cardio workout is not going to help here. Keep it on the calm side.

  • The Shocking Truth About Boredom and Dissatisfaction
    Being bored or dissatisfied with a particular situation, such as work or a cruddy relationship, or life in general, is the number one cause for filling up on undesirables.

    “The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or sweetness,” wrote Jungian analyst Marion Woodman and she was spot on. So often we try to fill the void with eating. Instead, take time to reflect and assess what’s really going on.

    Dr. Oz suggests
    that it helps to realize that emotional hunger onset is sudden and urgent, while physical hunger is gradual and patient.

    Fully facing this kind of eating may lead to some serious soul searching. You may want to consult someone if it becomes overwhelming. But when food is masking a deeper dissatisfaction, no amount of the fix will take away the pain or frustration. Work on healing that and then the cravings will naturally disappear.

  • How to Change Bad Habits
    Psychology professor Debra Zellner, Ph.D., draws the conclusion that our cravings are predominantly determined by habit rather than biological need.

    You know how you fall back to habit in times of stress rather than creatively brainstorming fresh approaches? Well the same is true here. When you’re stressed, she argues, your generally strong restraint flies out the window and thoughts about comfort foods come rushing in.

    So how do we avoid this stress trigger cycle? According to Zeller, we should:

    • Indulge on occasion: By making certain foods “taboo,” we tend to make a dash for them when our defenses are shot. The alternative is to have that chocolate once in a while and de-demonize it. Enjoy a bowl of ice cream now and then. Don’t associate certain foods with the ‘forbidden fruits.’
    • Mix up your patterns: Just as with Pavlov’s dogs, Zeller continues, a stimulus produces an automatic, virtually involuntary response in each of us. Figure out if predictable times or places make your cravings appear. Then, change your indulgence time and place, shake up the predictable and don’t create a mindless pattern.
    • Make healthy associations: Find healthy foods that you enjoy and make a habit of eating those at stressful times instead. For me, I’ve trained myself to crunch on cucumbers. Granted, we always need to have cucumbers in the house, but it definitely beats chocolate!
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