About Me

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a mother to a cute baby boy, who was having a great social life before grtting a baby. But after having a baby, I select to be a stay at home mom, putting my career aside. 

Though I was enjoying a great social life then, the existence of a new soul to my life put almost everything away. And living a different life started to build up a lot of negative feelings/thoughts. And during a search through internet, about how to avoid negative thoughts, I found a great author, Michael Lee, whose words helped me a lot to become the happy, more confident person I am today.

Therefore including his great articles, with my little baby and other things, I'm building up this blog for me and for you too. This is helping me to build up my social life again. And this time meeting a lot of people around the world!

As I also love beauty and even fashion to some extent, I'm including it too, in this blog!